Google Is Merging Google Meet And Duo App

Google Meet
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Google Duo and Google Meet are the two most notable choices often used interchangeably for video calling.

However, the multi-billion dollar company recently announced that it would combine both of its platforms to create a single versatile app suitable for everything. Soon, there will only be Google Meet available for the users as the company will integrate new features and functionality into it.

It was supposed that Google Meet is a choice for businesses and enterprises to communicate between staff, while Duo was ideally suitable for group chats. Google aims to solve certain designated modern communication tools by combining these apps.

What does Google have to say?

The head of Google Workspace, Javier Soltero, states “What’s been important is understanding how people choose what tool they’re going to use, for what purpose, in what circumstance.”

There is plenty of diversity in consumers’ lives with millions of chat applications. Every platform features its unique norms, rules, and contact list; simultaneously, some are suited for personal usage; there are others for commercial and work-related purposes.

Google is trying to add a different touch to the entire scenario by providing a single app that can use contact numbers and Gmail address to bring the users together.

Google Meet
Image: Google

The idea of “reachability” is something that Soltero emphasizes a lot, and it’s a major contribution from his side during his tenure at Google, which has led the company to integrate Meet and chat into several other services.

Although it is a worthy goal to achieve, which will make communication easier, it does come at the cost of making Google services complicated and cluttered. The new app will allow you to set up a meeting from anywhere, but the question is, do we want to do that?

For many potential users, streamlining the communication choices may be a brilliant idea, but randomly packing everything together might not work, and the entire plan could backfire.

Over the past few years, Meet has become the ideal platform for users to instigate meetings and create group chats, from personal to business-related. At the same time, Google Duo is the ideal choice for chats and remains more of a messaging app.

Google now promises to bring all the features of Duo to Meet in the future, and it also seems convinced that it can provide an impeccable combination of both in the new platform.

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