These Gadgets Are The Closest You’ll Get To Having Superpowers

superhero gadgets
Image: Fossbytes / Priye Rai

Being able to do the unthinkable and the unimaginable has always been fascinating. That’s why superheroes, with their out-of-the-world superpowers, are so popular among people of different age groups. Thanks to modern-day technology, there are several gadgets that allow us to step into the shoes of a superhero.

We’ve listed down some of the most incredible gadgets that grant superhero-like abilities. From gliding in the air with metal wings to going invisible in a few moments, these creations bring something intriguing to the table.

While such gadgets are mostly feats of high-caliber engineering, certain others are a result of a focused DIY approach. Here’s a video that shows some amazing superhero-like technology.

Uber-cool gadgets for superhero-like abilities

1. Jetwing

jetman dubai
Image: Jetman Dubai

Fans of the MCU would recognize this tech as being somewhat similar to the one used by the Falcon. The Jetwing from Jetman Dubai isn’t just for show because it performs as well as it looks. Impressively, this jetpack can move at the max speed of 407.4kmph (253.1mph). Plus, it can scrape heights of 407.4kmph (253.1mph).

2. Bionic Boots

bionic boots

Bionic Boots are extreme sports footwear that can store energy from each stride and use it for enhanced speed and jumps. It’s the brainchild of inventor Keahi Seymour who always wanted to rival the pace of the fastest animals in the world. Using its speargun spring system, these boots enable you to run as fast as 40.2kmph (25mph). Rest assured, with Bionic Boots, you can rank closer to speedsters such as The Flash and Quicksilver.

3. Iron Man Dual Laser Glove

ironman dual laser glove gadget

Are you a fan of Iron Man? If that’s the case, this gadget is sure to woo you. The Iron Man Dual Laser Glove, as the name suggests, is designed to look like it’s built by Tony Stark himself. Built by YouTuber-inventor LaserGadgets, it can emit 800mW red and 3000mW blue lasers. Additionally, it can also shoot shells out of the motorized component near the knuckles.

4. Bulletproof Suit

bulletproof suit
Image: YouTube / Citizen Armor

This bulletproof suit looks like any tuxedo but packs the protection of an armored vest. After you put this suit on, no bullet will be able to penetrate your clothes. That means you’ll be as invincible to projectiles as the Man Of Steel, Superman, himself. Developed by Citizen Armor in tandem with designer Sam Surin, the suit stopped 9mm pistol rounds quite easily.

5. Octopus Arms

doc ock tentacles

These robotic tentacles are certainly similar to those worn by the Spider-man villain Doctor Octopus. This project came to life from the work of Bitcoin millionaire, Erik Finman. The 23-year-old crafted the Doc Ock arms, using 3D printing, for a kid named Aristou Meehan, who is the son of one of his mentors. Further, the mechanical arms are fully functional, and each of the four limbs can be controlled by the wearer using the middle finger on either hand.

Undoubtedly, these unreal gadgets can pull off some serious superhero-level stuff. Which one would you want to try out? Sound off in the comments section below. While you are here, do check out these futuristic flying machines.

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