Google Announces Code-In 2016 To Encourage Open Source

Google Code-in open source

Google Code-in open sourceShort Bytes: Google Code-in is an annual online contest hosted by Google for pre-university students aged 13 to 17. The participants have to pick small tasks from various open source organizations who are also the mentor to the kids. The grand prize winners will be invited for a trip at the Mountain View Campus.

The year 2016 is about to end in a couple of months and Google is back with its fall Code-in ritual. Just like the previous years, this year’s Google Code-in 2016 contest will involve numerous bite-sized tasks from participating organizations who specialize in open source projects. They will also act as the mentors for the pre-university students (aged 13 to 17) taking part in the contest.

Other than being a determined internet company, Google also loves open source and is among the regular contributors to the open source community. They recently open sourced their Show and Tell AI system which can write captions for an image and new open source font called Noto which supports 800+ languages.

The Google Code-in 2016 online contest will start on November 28, 2016 (17:00 UTC). The participant kids will have to choose tasks (ranging between 3 to 5 hours) belonging on one of the following categories:

  • Coding
  • Documentation/Training
  • Outreach/Research
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Interface

The participant can take help from mentor organizations whose task they’ve claimed and submitted before the last submission date (January 16, 2017). Google has chosen a total of 17 open source organizations which include KDE, Wikimedia, OpenMRS, Drupal, Copyleft Games, etc.

The tasks will be evaluated by the respective mentor organizations, and participants with 1 successful submission will receive a digital certificate. The ones with 3 or more will receive a t-shirt. For each organization, five finalists will get a Google Code-in Hoodie.

The grand prize – for the two finalists in every organization – will be a trip to Google’s Mountain View Campus which will happen sometime in June 2017. The name of the finalists and the grand prize winners will be announced on January 30, 2017.

Visit the Google Code-in 2016 website to know more about the contest.

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