Google Chrome Now Mutes Annoying Autoplay Videos Based On Your Browsing Habits


Google is rolling out a new update in its latest version of Chrome which will stop websites from automatically playing sound. This means you can browse peacefully in Chrome 66 without audio randomly blaring out of your speakers.

The new update will bring this change gradually in a personalized way so that Chrome can learn the browsing habits and preferences to decide which sites should be muted.

It also means if you have played videos on a particular website, Google will remember your choice in the future and allow videos on that website to autoplay with sound.

For new Chrome users with no browsing history, the browser will simply begin with a list of thousand websites where Google found that users frequently played the audio or video with sound.

Then, as they continue to browse the web, Google updates this list by learning where they play audio and where they don’t.

“As you teach Chrome, you may find that you need to click “play” every now and then, but overall the new policy blocks about half of unwanted autoplays, so you will have fewer surprises and less unwanted noise when you first arrive at a website,” wrote John Pallet, Chrome Product Manager, in a blog post.

This update comes after Google made changes in Chrome 64 with an option to mute the entire website instead of temporary “mute tab” feature. In the meantime, the company has urged website creators to use autoplay sparingly.

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