Microsoft Is Planning On Porting Sysinternals Tools To Linux

microsoft linux
microsoft linux

A Microsoft executive revealed on Twitter that the company has plans to port Sysinternals tools to Linux. This announcement came after another tweet by a Microsoft engineer named David Fowler that the ProcDump application has already been ported to Linux.

Mario Hewardt, the Principal Program Manager for Azure Diagnostic at Microsoft also tweeted that they are working on porting ProcMon which is a part of the Sysinternals tool. It monitors file system activities in the Windows operating system.

Microsoft further plans to make the Sysinternals package available for Linux users in the coming future. For those who do not know about Sysinternals, it is a set of debugging tools used in Windows and was developed way back in 1996 by a company named Wininternals.

Microsoft acquired Wininternals in 2006 and continued the development of the debugging tools. The tools are available on its Technet website and are used for debugging memory performance, CPU, filesystem, registry, network settings, etc.

The tools are actively used by many security researchers for searching malware in a Windows system.

Microsoft’s initiative to port Sysinternals debugging for Linux users indicates at the Linux is one of the most preferred operating systems for running Azure virtual machines. In fact, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise group, Scott Guthrie said, “sometimes slightly over half of Azure VMs are Linux.”

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