‘Google Assistant Go’ Just Landed On Play Store, How It’s Different?

Google Assistant Go
When YouTube Go was launched, it wasn’t known that the future would arrive with Google’s entire family of Go branded apps designed for entry-level Android Oreo Go edition devices, usually having less than 1GB of RAM.

These apps include Files Go, Gboard Go, Google Go, Maps Go, etc. Some of these apps can be used on regular Android devices as well.

Now, we have another addition to the Android Go family in the name of Google Assistant Go which is a stripped down version of the regular Google Assistant we talk with on Android devices.

Assistant Go can run on devices running Android 8.0 Oreo and above, but the device should be Go edition. You can visit the apps’ Google Play page to check if your device is compatible or not. Once installed, you can open it the same way the regular assistant, by tapping and holding the menu button.

The stripped down version of Assistant can quickly do all the regular tasks like checking the weather status, finding things on the web, making phone calls, sending texts, playing videos and music on YouTube and Google Play, doing tough math calculations which blow humans’ minds, etc.

Assistant Go current supports English, but in future, it will also support French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, etc.

So, how it’s different?

The main difference between Assistant and Assistant Go lies within the under-the-hood changes Google has made. Assistant Go consumes less space on devices without compromising performance, and also helps save some bucks on their internet bills.

Now, it’s not surprising that the reduction in the app’s size takes away some of the features. These include reminders, the ability to control smart home devices, games, Actions on Google, and Device Actions. Google has promised to bring more features to Assistant Go in the future.

Download Google Assistant Go from the Play Store.

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