Google Wants To Create The ‘USB Of Styluses’, Joins Universal Stylus Initiative

When we think of styluses, we usually recall those thin plastic sticks that allowed us to use touch devices with precision. The came more advanced technologies like Samsung S Pen, Apple Pencil, and Windows Ink.

The pain here is their makers have restricted these pieces of technology to support a limited number of devices. That’s the reason Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) came into existence. It’s doing the same thing that was done in the case of mobile devices by making micro USB connectors widespread, except iPhones.

USI is working on an open stylus standard to bring cross-compatibility between devices from different manufacturers. The non-profit association released its first, non-proprietary active stylus specification, called USI 1.0, in 2016 for OEMs and independent hardware vendors.

The specification enables manufacturers to create a new generation of stylus that can provide a consistent, customizable, and interoperable experience to the consumers. It’s just like your USB flash drive works on any compatible device. Moreover, the specification could even allow up to 6 USI styluses to work on one device simultaneously.

Now, Google along with five other companies has joined USI which includes the likes of Dell, LG Display, Sharp, etc. Currently, Google is a promoter member which means it will be a part of the board and would be among the USI members with maximum powers.

Source: USI

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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