Google Assistant Is Now 10x Faster; Gets Tons Of New Features #IO2019

Google Duplex Assistant Capability

At its annual event, Google has announced that it is making Google Assistant 10-times faster with the power of machine learning. In his keynote, Sundar Pichai said that the next generation Google Assistant will be so fast that you’ll find tapping on your phone slower than conversating with the Assistant.

During an on-stage demo, the Assistant successfully executed consecutive commands like setting a timer, composing a mail, sending a reply to messages and booking Lyft for a destination in real-time and surprisingly, the presenter didn’t say “Ok Google” before each command.

Assistant Can Distinguish Between Commands & Actions

One of the major highlights of the Assistant demo during I/O 2019 was the way in which the virtual assistant distinguished between the commands spoken and the actions it needs to perform.

Picks For You

To personalize the results, Google has introduced what it calls ‘Picks for You.’ This feature will show personalized results in Google Assistant. For example, during the event, the presenter asked the Assistant to show food recipes, it showed the results tailored to him.

Personal References

Google has also introduced a new feature in the Google Assistant called ‘Personal References’ that will understand people, person, and events relevant to you for answering your queries in a better manner.

If you’re worried about Google snooping on your personal data, there is a new ‘You’ tab in the Assistant settings from where you can edit and delete your data.

New Driving Mode With Assistant Integration

The search giant has announced that Google Assistant is coming to Waze in the coming few weeks. Additionally, a new Google Assistant Driving mode is coming to Android Auto. You can launch this mode by saying “Hey Google, let’s drive.”

Pichai has said that all these features are coming to the new Pixel phones later this year.

With these new features, it surely seems like Google is pushing hard towards a world of a voice-first search world.

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