“New Tech” From DriveSavers Unlocks Locked iPhones With 100% Success Rate

unlocked passcode locked iphone
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DriveSavers, a popular data recovery service providing company, has introduced a new service that allows users to retrieve data from a passcoded-locked iPhone at $3,900.

It is the first of its kind service that allows users to break into an iPhone that has been locked due to too many failed attempts or forgotten passcode. The company claims a 100% success rate with its “new technology” in getting past the passcode-protected smartphones of any model or make, locked with any length passcode.

Earlier, GrayKey made it to headlines for offering a $15,000-$30,000 device that could allow law enforcement agencies to crack open the iPhones locked with passcodes. Apple soon patched the vulnerability in iOS 12 that was exploited by GrayKey to get past the passcode.

We do not have a clear idea of the technology used by the DriveSavers to help users retrieve their photos, contacts and, videos from locked iPhones. However, there could be another vulnerability that could be patched by Apple in the coming iOS 12 updates.

DriveSavers’s website strictly says that they do not offer their “passcode lockout data recovery” service to law enforcement agencies and it is meant only for the owners of the locked devices.

The company validates the owner by collecting data from the customers who want to avail the service. In order to avail the service, customers need to sign a legal authorization form that would help DriveSavers identify the users’ right to the data.

The inexpensive service could be used by the family members of a deceased person to access the data from his/her device. Although, they need to submit the death certificate of the deceased to avail the service.

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