Movie Studios Repeatedly Report Their Own Localhost for Piracy

movie studio piracy takedown localhost
movie studio piracy takedown localhost


The torrent pirates that keep hurting the million-dollar movie studios by uploading the data using their torrent clients are their biggest enemies of movie industry. To keep an eye on such activities, probably movie studios have some kind of system to scan for their movies on torrent. They collect these links and submit them to Google for take down request. As a result, sometimes you might have seen a small message at the bottom of some search results mentioning that some sites have been removed due to copyright infringement.

Recently, in a hilarious piece of mistake by the movie studios, it was noticed that they’ve been submitting their own own desktop computers’ addresses for content takedown request to Google. Studios have been repeatedly asking Google to take down files for “”- the system’s very own ‘localhost address’ where a torrent client is uploading the files.

Universal Pictures France’s request to remove the files of Jurassic World hosted at the local address is making all kinds of news over the internet.

It may be possible that the movie studios have some kind of automated system based on some flawed algorithm and submits removal requests to Google. Chilling Effects has published a long list of DMCA complaints that direct to 127.0.01. Another more ridiculous incident is related to the Trident Media Guard- a company working with the French government on some program to curb privacy.

It’s amusing to see people involved with anti-piracy programs and complaining against the piracy, are being ratted by their their own local host. Take a look at the list of copyright infringement issues being ridiculed by the studios themselves:


Did you find this incident of reporting their own localhost for piracy amusing? Tell us in comments below.

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