Google To Pay $9 Billion To Apple For Staying Default Search Engine In iPhone

Google pays Apple

Google has been the number one search engine because of its accurate results and the fact that it “pays” for it. As reported by the Business Insider, Google is set to pay Apple $9 billion this year for staying the default search engine in iPhone.

According to an estimate by Rod Hall from Goldman Sach, “We believe this revenue is charged ratably based on the number of searches that users on Apple’s platform originate from Siri or within the Safari browser.”

This is not something new because in the past many analysts have revealed that Google is paying a significant amount to remain at the top even inside the Apple ecosystem. However, the amount has grown drastically over the years. In 2017, an analyst from Bernstein said that the sum is $3 million and in 2013, the amount was pegged to $1 billion. As per Hall, the next year’s payment could be $12 billion.

Evaluation of Amount Google Pays

Google pays the price for every iPhone user out there. According to BMO Capital Markets, the number of active iPhone users in 2017 was 715 million. The figure evaluated by Hall has taken into consideration the growth in the number of users from the last year.

Calculations reveal that Google is paying approximately $10 a year for every iPhone user.

However, users have the freedom to change their default search engine by going to Settings > Safari > Search Engine and choose from Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo from there.

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