GMC Confirms Hummer EV Edition 1 Sold Out In Just 10 Minutes

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GM electric Hummer EV supertruck
Image: GMC

The 2021 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 sold out within the first few minutes of the opening of its reservations. The news was confirmed by Mr. Duncan Aldred, the Vice President of Buick-GMC Sales at General Motors. However, he did not mention the total number of orders received.

On October 20, the automaker made the global debut of its electric pickup truck, Hummer EV. With this, GMC also opened bookings for this all-electric super truck.

Edition 1 is the top variant of the electric Hummer and its price starts at $112,595. In addition, there are three more trims that are slightly inferior in terms of specs.

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Reservations For Other Variants Of Hummer EV Are Still Open

In total, there are four trims, including the top-end variant Edition 1. While the Hummer EV Edition 1 is sold out, the variants are still available for bookings. Here’s a quick overview of the prices, specs, and dates of availability for all models.

HUMMER EV2HUMMER EV2XHUMMER EV3XHummer EV Edition 1 (Reservation Full)
AvailabilitySpring 2024Spring 2023Fall 2022Fall 2021
RangeEst. 250+ milesEst. 300+ miles Est. 300+ milesEst. 350+ miles
Number Of Motors2233
Power616 BHP and 10,033 Nm of Torque616 BHP and 10,033 Nm of Torque789 BHP and 12,880 Nm of Torque986 BHP and 15,591 Nm of Torque

As you can see, Hummer’s entry-level variant is almost $80,000, which is still $10,000 expensive than the top variant Tesla Cybertruck. Without a doubt, GMC Hummer EV looks awesome and is loaded with luxury and features. However, we believe it lags behind a bit when we look at the electric range, despite its 200 kWh battery pack.

Apart from these, sources suggests, that the automaker is also working on an electric Hummer SUV and it will be announced soon.

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Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar

Shaheer Anwar is an automotive enthusiast and writes about the latest trends happening in the industry. He covers topics related to electric and hybrid vehicles.

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