Android O Bluetooth Issues Deprive Users From Wireless Music, No Fix Yet

bluetooth issue Android Oreo
For some users, the excitement of getting the latest Android update didn’t last for a long time. Google’s help forums are getting flooded with reports of Android O Bluetooth issues on Nexus and Pixel devices.

Users have stated that they are having trouble with various devices including headphones, speakers, and car head units. The Bluetooth-related issues mainly include:

  • A few seconds of cracking music repeatedly happening every minute.
  • Movement of earphone or phone also causes cracking sound.
  • Pairing issues, like delay in searching and connecting, with different types of Bluetooth devices. Sound playback on phone not on the paired device.
  • Weak signal strength.

A Nexus 6P user Duane Stephenson complained that he is experiencing “skipping and clipping sounds” similar to a scratched record or CD. His collection of Bluetooth headphone and speakers include more than six devices which might be able to gather Google’s attention.

Some others claimed they also faced Bluetooth-related problems on Android 8.0 developer previews released in the past. Users have said that such problems didn’t happen when they were running Android Nougat.

Nexus Community Manager Orrin has asked for the following details in his support thread for Android 8.0 Bluetooth bugs on Nexus and Pixel forums:


  • Year/make/model of your car
  • Issue/symptoms


  • Brand of headphones
  • Issue/symptoms

Bluetooth Speakers

  • Speaker brand
  • Issue/symptoms

Google is yet to release a bug fix for the problems reported by the users. The situation isn’t much worse as the Android 8.0 update is currently limited to Nexus and Pixel devices.

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