You Can Already Get iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Feature On Android

And Xiaomi is beating the others in this race.

You Can Already Get iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Feature On Android
Image: Twitter

For the past few years, notches and punch holes have been a part of modern smartphone displays. Nowadays, every smartphone looks the same when looked at from the front. Although its main purpose is to house the front camera and sensors while leaving maximum screen real estate, it has no other significant use.

However, Apple has finally given the notch a practical purpose and made it interesting. If you skip past the name ‘The dynamic Island’ feature on the new iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks quite enticing.

Since it is an attractive feature, Android manufacturers have also started taking “inspiration” from it. According to a video on Twitter, a MiUI developer has already created dynamic island-like functionality in a Xioami theme.

Did Xiaomi take inspiration from iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature?

You Can Already Get iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Feature On Android
Image: MKBHD

Vaibhav Jain of TechDroider shared a video on his Twitter account informing the Dynamic Island-style notifications playing on Xiaomi MIUI. He also stated that developers informed him that the Dynamic Island Theme update is being reviewed.

According to Vaibhav, The Dynamic Island theme update is still being reviewed by the developer. Also, if Xiaomi approves it, it will be available on the theme Store. However, “Xiaomi removed the last Dynamic Island Style theme by Sugertheme. “he further added in the tweet.

The Dynamic Island feature made a lot of heads turn during the launch event. It is pure genius to have put a screen-hindering notch to such use. However, that’s not the first time Apple has done it. Even with the original notch, there are different functions on the left and right side of the display.

But the cherry on top is Apple’s beautiful animations combined with the 120Hz Pro Motion display that looks effortless. Only time will tell if Xiaomi manages to deliver a polished version of the feature. What are your thoughts on it? Comment down below.

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