Android 9.0 Developer Preview 1 Might Be Almost Ready For Release

Android 9 Release Rumor
In a digital puzzle dropped last week, Google hid the date of the Google I/O conference, which is now known to happen between May 8 and May 10. One of the prominent hot topics for the developer conference is Android 9.0.

Just like the annual tradition, the developer preview of Android 9.0 could see a spring release in March if it follows Oreo’s path. An AOSP (Android Open Source Project) commit tells not all but something about the next major Android, hinting that the preview build might be almost ready. Thanks to a tweet made by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman (via Phone Arena).

The commit includes the text, “The future is now (2018 edition).” With something already known, the early preview’s out-of-the-blue release won’t leave the developers surprised. Google is well-known to hide things until the big day. So, if it’s not a direct sign of the possible announcement of Android P, it would be hard to guess what it is.

Apparently, there is no word about any big Android 9.0 feature being spotted in the wild. But the latest information adds to our existing set of knowledge about Android 9 which includes a hint of its name. Google dropped an unexpected teaser in the I/O date puzzle, Android 9.0 might be called Android Pineapple or Pineapple Pie. But who knows if it’s another trick the dessert maker has played on us. Here are some other Android P name suggestions as well.

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