Get Free Storage Space for 50,000 Songs from Google Play Music

google play music
google play music

Here’s a good news for music lovers. Google has updated the storage limit of its Google Play Music service by increasing the available storage to 50,000 songs. Earlier the limit was 20,000 songs. Google Play Music is Google’s music streaming service which provides storage on web and you can listen to the music on your devices. This extra space is given to the users as a free update and you don’t need to do anything specific to get it.

Google Play Music can be accessed via Google Music Manager app on computers, through a Chrome extension on browser, on Android devices and on iOS devices via Google Play Music app.

This storage service of Google Play Music is free and you don’t need to pay for it. Liliputing shares a fun fact with the readers:

Google says each song you upload can be as large as 300MB. Multiple that by 50,000 and theoretically Google is offering users up to 15 TB of free storage for music 

How to get free storage of 50,000 on Google Play Music?

  • If you are willing to avail this little catch, you can do it by Google Play Music website.
  • Open the Google Play Music Website and sign in using your Google account. Skip the Google Play Music subscription service trial by clicking on “No Thanks” and continue to claim your free storage.
  • After claiming the storage, you can add your music collection using the Chrome app or simply upload the entire music folders your iTunes
  • You can access these songs on multiple devices at any time. This access includes streaming and downloading songs to all types of Android, iOS and web devices.

This free storage is an additional space to the Google Drive space. Google is proving free storage space and is hoping that few people will opt-in for a $9.99 per month music subscription service which offers on-demand access to a vast library of millions of songs.

Google Play Music has a competitive edge over Apple’s iTunes Match service provides cloud storage of 25,000 songs for $25 per year. These days people are drifting away from digital downloads and towards the streaming services. This huge storage offer from Google will surely attract more music lovers to join the cloud.

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