10 Smartest People Alive Today


As we all know that there are lots of clever minds on this planet, but the fact is that not all of them are genius. A person with an IQ of 140 or higher is considered as Genius. Only 0.5% of the world’s population can use their mind up to that level, that means 1 person out of 200- these are the smartest people on the planet. The way they see things and react and draw conclusions are much different and seem crazy to others.

Today, I am going you to show a list of 10 smartest people alive. I am pretty sure you have heard about some of them but not all of them. Also, I am sure that the very first name which comes in everyone’s mind while talking about alive smartest people or genius people is of Stephen Hawking. Yeah, that’s right, Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking has an IQ of level 160. But there are others who have much more IQ.

Check the list of 10 smartest people who are alive today:

You may not see some of your favorite personalities in the list because everyone couldn’t be included . This list of smartest people was generated by and the infographics are taken from

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    1. There is no set max on the IQ scale, it just happens to be that an IQ of 205 is 7 standard deviations from the mean, aka an IQ of 205 or greater comes about once every ~1.07 billion years (1 in ~400 billion people). It is possible that he has it, just very very very very unlikely.

  1. something about intelligence talk perks my ears up…. particularly when someone is talking about… i.e. the comments on facebook etc…. about things like…. i see stupid people….. like you smart…. but what gets me about this article is that the graph of people only adds up to 55%. what about the rest? i just dont get how intelligent people can make 0.5% of a total of 55%…. but hey im no stephen hawking…..

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