Future AirPods Could Cut Off Music If You’re Getting Distracted

Apple looking out for sportspersons!

Future AirPods Could Cut Off Music If You're Getting Distracted
Image: Patently Apple

Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published 53 recently granted patents to Apple. In addition to a new smart exercise mat and a patent for a “vital signs” monitoring system, the patents also refer to potential new AirPods Pro safety features for runners and bikers.

Additionally, Beddit and an Apple display design are covered by two other issued patents. However, the main highlight is the AirPods Pro’s safety features that cut off music relay when you are distracted.

AirPods safety features can be a lifesaver

Future AirPods Could Cut Off Music If You're Getting Distracted
Image: Patently Apple

According to Patently Apple, Apple received a patent for a “Contextual audio system” tech. It uncovers brand-new security mechanisms incorporated into the upcoming AirPods Pro. For instance, while biking, the AirPods Pro will detect their speed in relation to nearby things, such as another biker, and will promptly turn off their music to remind them to pay attention to what is going on.

The patent also unveils a brand-new AirPods Pro accessory in the form of a sensor-loaded fitness mat. When a user’s posture is poor, AirPods Pro will pause their music and give them instructions to straighten up while performing other workouts, such as yoga.

The prototype contextual audio system and its user are seen in the image above. The system detects the user’s speed and proximity to another bike and modifies the sound to allow the user to concentrate on the current situation for safety.

Vital signs monitoring system by Beddit

Future AirPods Could Cut Off Music If You're Getting Distracted
Image: Patently Apple

Beddit was purchased by Apple in 2017, the year the idea received its initial patent. Apple was recently awarded a second patent, to which they added 20 new claims to represent their understanding of the invention.

The patent FIG. 5C for Apple shows a top view of an example monitoring system with various components. On top of an electrode-equipped mat, two people’s silhouettes could be seen lying in beds.

Lastly, it looks like Apple is making its tech more compatible for users indulging in physical activities. Apple was recently granted a patent for using ultrasonic sensors to make the Airpods waterproof, making it a great help for swimmers.

What do think about Apple’s brand new patent relating to the Airpods pro’s safety features? Comment down below.

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