Fortnite Is Now Available For All Android Users With Compatible Devices

Fortnite for Android list of devices

After months on an invite-basis pattern, Fortnite for Android is now officially available for everyone on all compatible devices. The Battle Royal game, which was earlier in beta version, is now shipping as a stable release on the Epic website.

Fortnite for Android didn’t come out easy. After watching iOS users enjoying the game for a long time, Android users received some good news. Even then, the game was launched as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exclusive.

Soon after the Galaxy exclusive news, Fortnite confirmed that it is deciding not to make Fortnite Android available on Google Play Store. So unlike other battle-royal games like PUBG Mobile, the game has its own installer and needs to be downloaded form Epic official website.

In a comeback, Google stated that it has found a security flaw in the Fortnite app installer which could be easily used to hack Android devices.

But in the end, everything seems to be normal now. Fornite has crossed a million downloads on the Apple App Store while Android users have received what they wished for – Fornite for Android.

The game is stunning as usual and the season 6 is up and running. However, the heavy graphics will always make it difficult for your Android device to work the game as smoothly as you though. You can check out the list of Android devices who can download Fornite for Android.

If you are still confused on how to get Fornite working on Android device, here are all the details about Fortnite installation and download.

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