Fortnite Battle Royal Game Cited As Cause For Divorce


I seriously feel games are going to take over this world real soon. Earlier, it was Fortnite coaching where parents paid up to $20 for their kids to get better in the game, now this!

According to a recent report by U.K divorce resource site Divorce Online, over 200 couples have filed divorce citing Fortnite game addiction as the root of their split.

The report states that out of 4,665 petitioners in the year 2018, 5% of them were caused by the Fortnite game addiction. One of the spokespeople said, “addiction to drugs, alcohol, and gambling have often been cited as reasons for relationship breakdowns, but the dawn of the digital revolution has introduced new addictions.”

Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) and Pornography, have been previously cited as major reasons for relationships break up over many countries. Not to mention, the World Health Organization stated Gaming addiction as a public health concern, back in June.

Battle Royal games like PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite are thriving in the digital era with over more than a million downloads of their smartphone version on Android and iOS.

It is interesting to note that the report only talks about the game consequences in the UK alone. In other words, other countries are still left to determine the dark side of these games.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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