You Can Now Read The First AI-Drawn Comic For Free

You won't see any rough edges!


The last six months of 2022 have been all about AI. Every major tech brand uses it for their products, and suddenly there is a flood of AI tools on the web. Among them, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and ChatGPT are the most popular ones. So far, the experience with these tools has been complicated. The tools surprise you sometimes with surreal output and often struggle with finesse.

We have seen countless instances of misplaced elements in AI-produced images and videos, lack of input comprehension, and knowledge limitations. But the folks at Campfire have created a complete comic series with the help of AI.

How does the AI-Drawn Comic look?

Exactly how a comic artist’s work would look! That’s what we feel after flipping a few pages of the AI-Drawn comic book on their website. It is called THE BESTIARY CHRONICLES, which includes three comics with a connected storyline of a somewhat dystopian world. Its description on the website reads, “Collecting the first three stories (EXODUS, SUMMER ISLAND, and THE LESSON), this graphic novel explores a world overrun by monsters in 114 stunning pages of AI-assisted artwork.”

Campfire offers the comic for free. This means that you can read it online and download it for multiple supported devices, including Kindle and Apple Books. But let’s focus on the comic for a bit. We were surprised to see that it is a refined output that doesn’t contain any erroneous designs whatsoever. The website does mention it as an AI-assisted work which means that each design was refined multiple times by changing the natural language input. The site doesn’t mention the tools that the designers used for this project (which could be a great help for aspiring designers).

AI-Drawn Comic
Image: Campfire

Looking at such a masterpiece of work built with the help of AI makes you question the role of humans in the future. Imagining something and creating a first rough draft is now so easy for designers. They can throw a bunch of inputs and have a draft ready. Likewise, AI writing tools are also rising on the web.

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