Should You Keep Your Phone On The Table Screen Down Or Up?

what does phone screen up or down on table say about you
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You go to a cafe and take your phone out of your pocket. There are just two ways to place it on the table. You’re either keeping the screen facing up or down. Both ways have their pros and cons, and both tell more about you than you might like.

Some people keep their phones in their pocket/hand/bag. However, here we’ll see whether you should keep your phone display up or display down on a table.

Phone screen down on the table


phone screen down on table
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This is technically a safer and more distraction-free way to keep your phone on the table. Although keeping your phone screen down on the table has its own merits, it doesn’t come without limitations.

When you keep your phone screen down, you won’t be distracted to quickly glance at the screen every time a message pops up. It keeps you from distractions, saves your phone’s battery as the ambient sensor kicks in, and keeps your display off at all times.

Another practical advantage is that it saves your phone cameras from scratch. If you keep your phone screen up, your phone’s cameras will come in contact with the table, and then dust and other particles may damage it.

In case you spill a drink, it also saves your phone’s display. If your phone is placed screen down, the spillage will most likely happen on the back and save your phone’s screen.


Phone screen scratches- phone screen down on table
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Coming to the cons of keeping your phone screen down on the table, you may damage the screen itself. If you don’t have a screen protector, then your selfie camera and screen are prone to the same dirt and dust that can damage the rear. However, a simple screen guard should give you peace of mind.

Another disadvantage of keeping your phone this way is that you may miss important calls/messages/both. So if you’re expecting an important notification, this might not be a good idea.

Phone screen up


phone screen up on table
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The first benefit of keeping your phone screen on a table is that you never miss a notification. Even if your phone is silent, your screen will flash, and you’ll see incoming notifications.

It is also easier to have a glance or reply to a message without picking up your phone if it is placed up.

If you’re using a phone without a screen guard, placing it up also saves your display from scratches. It is also practical as your screen is your window into your phone, and if your window is filled with scratches, you’re more likely to get annoyed.


Phone camera scrathc- Pexels
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There are a couple of solid downsides to keeping your phone display up on a table. Firstly, you’re more likely to scratch the rear cameras. Secondly, if you spill a drink, your display is probably a goner.

What does it say about you?

Phone screen on table up or down featured image
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So how do you keep your phone on a table? Screen up or screen down? It says a lot more about you than you may think. Some experts associate this with your comfort levels. For instance, if you’re in the presence of close friends, you’re more likely to put your screen down because you’re in the moment.

However, if you’re with acquaintances, at work, or in a situation where you’d rather not be, you’re more likely to resort to your phone for entertainment.

Practically putting a screen protector and keeping your phone displayed down is the right thing to do. You save your screen, cameras, and battery percentage and are even prepared for minor emergencies like a spilled drink.

The only con is that you may miss out on a couple of notifications, but keeping your phone screen down also better protects your privacy. What do you think about it? Do let us know your views in the comments.

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