Google Pixel 3 & 3XL Owners Complaining Over Poor Call Quality Issue

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Since its launch, the Google Pixel 3 and its elder sibling, the Pixel 3 XL, have had issues such as the bizarre appearance of two notches and failure in launching the camera app. Now, users have started facing call quality issues which are barring them using the smartphone for its primary purpose — calling people.

According to the Pixel User Community, one user from Australia, named, James Denier, a Pixel 3XL owner said that the issue in the sound quality has troubled him from the very beginning.

Furthermore, various other Pixel 3/3XL users reported a similar issue that is causing them problems while attending calls. 

Coming back to the issue faced by James, symptoms include “choppy audio, words being cut off, extreme echo and tinniness, periods of complete silence, words being ‘stacked’ and more.” He tested and found that the issue is prevalent in handset mode, speaker mode and while using the Pixel Buds.

Despite the various solutions provided by Google technical support and ensuring that the network carrier isn’t the reason for sloppy call quality, the problem did not go away.

Interestingly, the complainant said that the call quality seems to go better when he is present in an environment where considerable ambient noise is present. This suggests that an overly aggressive noise cancellation algorithm could be the reason that is canceling the speech by considering it as noise.

Google hasn’t released any official statement on the issue as of now. We expect Google to look into the issues and come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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