Twitter Bans Its Own CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account


Short Bytes: Imagine the world where Twitter’s own CEO is barred from using his/her own service. Earlier today, this happened–just for 15 minutes. Due to some internal error, Jack Dorsey’s account was suspended.

In a strange development, Twitter briefly banned the Twitter account of its own CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey. It was reported by The Register.

According to the report, Jack’s profile, @jack, showed an Error message around 6PM PT. The message claimed that Jack’s “account has been suspended.”

However, this mishap was fixed within 15 minutes and the company managed to restore his account. Talking about the stats, Dorsey has about 4 million followers and more than 20,000 tweets.

As expected, the Twitter users noticed it. Here are some amusing tweets about the same:

Later, Jack himself tweeted and called the whole saga an internal mistake:

Hey 2017, come soon. 2016 doesn’t know how to end without a hiccup!

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