Fake ‘Coronavirus Maps’ Are Infecting PCs With Malware To Steal Passwords

fake coronavirus maps

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc across the globe, infecting 128,000+ individuals and claiming 4700+ lives so far. Meanwhile, hackers are exploiting this opportunity to prey on internet users by creating fake coronavirus maps that infect PCs with malware.

As people are flocking to online coronavirus trackers to seek out information about the spread of COVID-19, hackers are circulating fake coronavirus dashboards. These fake maps pretend to show maps tracking the spread of coronavirus, but they actually infect people’s computers with malware that can steal sensitive data.

Do not download fake coronavirus maps

As coronavirus has turned into a global pandemic, we all want to stay updated on the same. However, you should avoid downloading coronavirus tracker maps. According to an investigation by Reason Security, these coronavirus maps contain serious malware such as AZORult.

Hackers can use AZORult to steal your user names, passwords, credit card numbers, browser history, and social media login credentials. It can even gain access to your bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, or even gain full remote access to your infected device.

Reason Labs found one such Windows software called the “Corona Virus Map” that uses the same interface as Johns Hopkins University’s tracker which is a legitimate one. It’s a small Win32 EXE file named Corona-virus-Map.com.exe. with a payload size of only around 3.26 MB.

Currently, the AZORult malware affects Windows devices only but researchers are saying that hackers might develop a new version that can infect other OS as well.

Identifying fake coronavirus trackers

Unlike legitimate coronavirus dashboards, these fake websites prompt users to download an application to get real-time updates on coronavirus outbreak. So make sure you don’t download any such app.

Another way to identify these fake websites is to check the URL or the details on the website as they differ from legitimate coronavirus dashboards.

Here’s what you should do

If you have also installed the “Corona Virus Map” or any such fake coronavirus map, you should uninstall it immediately and perform a virus scan.

Just in case you have downloaded any other software related to coronavirus outbreak, you should run a scan anyway because fake coronavirus maps are just one of many coronavirus-related scams.

Trusted online coronavirus trackers you can use

If you really want real-time updates on the spread of coronavirus, I suggest that you bookmark these official tracking sites and stick to these trusted online sources only:

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