Spot The Difference: There Exists Fake AirPods Pro For Just $95

Fake AirPods Pro

As Apple products are accustomed to being expensive and off-limits for many, there are companies that tend to release its rip-offs for really cheap. One such Apple rip-off is the “fake” AirPods Pro that is pathetically identical to the original ones and retails for just $95.

The $95 Fake AirPods Pro

The latest AirPods Pro clone is known as the Air i500 Pro TWS and is priced at just $95, which is less than the $249 price tag of the real AirPods Pro.

Speaking of the design, the fake ones are totally like the original ones, with the same white wireless charging case. A simple glance at them won’t help you figure out the difference as there are really minute design differences between the two.

The fake AirPods Pro comes with Apple’s H1 chip that allows for various functions such as Siri support, audio quality, and a lot more.

Another similarity between the real and the fake is that the latter connects the same way the former does to iPhone devices.

Additionally, the clone flaunts an in-ear sensor, much like the one found on the Apple AirPods Pro. The sensor ensures that the music is stopped if a user isn’t wearing them. The feature is available in previous generations AirPods as well.

The main difference lies in the specs of both wireless earbuds. The fake AirPods Pro comes with a Qualcomm chip and doesn’t have the noise-cancellation feature.

Furthermore, the Air i500 Pro TWS comes with a battery life of around 24 hours, is compatible with Android, PC, tablets, and MacBook (apart from iPhones), and shows the battery level for the earbuds and the case.

Having said that, a similar design doesn’t mean the fake AirPods Pro will perform much like the real AirPods Pro. Hence, you should prepare yourself well if some problems occur after you have purchased it.

If you want to go for them, you can get them from over here.

The Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max

For those who don’t know, the recent iPhone 11 Pro Max too, has a clone, which is available in the market for just $135, around 10 times less the price of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

While the difference can’t be spotted just by looking at the two devices, the absence of a USB lightning cable and the Apple stickers helps in knowing the truth.

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