We Might Not Need VR But Cows Do — For Better Milk Production

Cows with VR headsets

I remember how a couple of years ago, VR made headlines and we were all in for the new technology. However, it could not sustain that stance and is currently struggling in the tech world. While we humans may not find VR necessary right now, it is for cows as hinted by a new study.

Cows Need VR To Produce Better Milk!

The revelation is part of a recent experiment conducted by Moscow-based farmers wherein they put VR headsets on cows to see how it impacts their conditions, most importantly their milk production patterns.

The cows were subjected to eye-pleasing scenes of a farm as opposed to the dull environment of a confined farm.

The colors of the scene were set in accordance with the ones that suited cows. They were shown more shades of red than greens and blues.

Additionally, the VR headsets were made as per the head size of cows so that it is easier for them to wear and not get annoyed.

The results of the study appeared somewhat positive as the use of VR headsets helped in better milk production. The experiment improved the mental and emotional health of the cows and suggested that it matters to them, much like it matters to us.

However, to clear the air, the study was conducted on a small number of cows, and researchers need more to start incorporating the method on a larger scale.

For this, various things need to be taken care of. This includes the way cows react to the absence of VR headsets (they might hate it after they are no longer wearing it) and if it is a long-term and feasible plan for the dairy industry.

Do Humans Need VR?

When it comes to VR as a piece of tech, there are mixed reactions. While some insist it is not needed (much like Microsoft’s Phil Spencer claiming “nobody needs it”), some claim it is getting popular, and its production will only increase.

If not for us humans, at least the technology is trying to help animals, which will, in turn, help us.

We still need to see how it is adapted. Therefore, stay tuned for more information.

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