Google’s Self Share Would Simplify File-Sharing Across Chrome OS & Android Devices

google self share chromeos android
Image: Pexels

To enhance its recently released Nearby Share feature, Google is working on “Self Share,” making it more convenient to transfer files across your own Google devices. This includes devices running on Android and Chrome OS.

As per Chrome Story, an “experimental flag” mentioned on Chrome Gerrit revealed that Google might introduce a Self Share feature. The source further sheds light on Self Share being an addition to the Nearby Share feature on Google-powered devices.

Nearby Share allows you to seamlessly transfer files, music, videos, etc., to other Android and Chrome OS devices. In other words, it is Google’s alternative to Apple’s AirDrop feature. However, Self Share will focus on sending files across your own devices without cables, online services, or third-party software.

To achieve this, there are multiple routes Self Share can take. It can quickly enable file transfer using connectivity options such as Bluetooth and WiFi. This will let you avoid the hassle of using emailing files or sharing them via cloud storage.

But, there is still some time and checks remaining before it gets a public release. Once that happens, it would be another step by Google towards better integrating its software with its hardware — not too different from its rival Apple.

Furthermore, the source states that once Self Share comes out, a new “Send to your devices” option will appear when you access Nearby Share on your Chromebook.

Eventually, we will receive more updates on this feature as the search engine giant works on it. Those who own a Google device ecosystem would be in for a treat once it rolls out for everyone.

Do you think this welcome addition would significantly help grow the comparatively smaller niche of Chromebook owners? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below.

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