Ericsson Researchers Achieve 5G Speeds Exceeding 10Gbps

ericsson 5g speed
ericsson 5g speed

On one hand most of us are using 3G networks and waiting for faster 4G LTE, researchers working in Ericsson labs have been able to achieve mind-blowing 5G speeds exceeding 10 Gbps.

Ericsson is one of the biggest names in telecom infrastructure and it is actively testing 5G and other technologies to improve the data transmission rates in the future.

One of the leading technologies being utilized by Ericsson is MIMO’s Multipoint Connectivity technology that allows the devices to connect to more than one data towers and thus enhance the transmission rates. It should be noted that Linksys launched the world’s fastest WiFi router based on similar MU-MIMO technology.

Ericsson explains it as follows in a web-release:

“Ericsson’s latest 5G initiative sounds deceptively simple; a 5G mobile device connects to several 5G cells at the same time, this is known as multipoint connectivity. It provides the resiliency to ensure that the device maintains a high-quality connection with the 5G network as it moves between cells. It also enables the transmission of several different sets of data signals (Multiple Input Multiple Output, or MIMO, streams) to the mobile device over the same radio frequency channel. This is called distributed MIMO, and it can increase downlink throughput by 100%. The combined technical capability is called Multipoint Connectivity with Distributed MIMO.”

ericsson-5g-speed-By using this next-gen technology, the researchers are able to touch the 10Gbps mark and the app coverage with data rates exceeding 10Gbps. The network latency is also reduced to 1 millisecond while the energy efficiency gains by a factor of 1,000 per transported bit.

Watch the video below to know more:


The current research and progress being made in the 5G concretes my faith that the future of 5G technology is very bright. It is expected that within next 4-5 years, due to the rapid increase in the number of devices, the 5G technology will be more crucial.

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