Faster WiFi Technology Boosts WiFi Speed Up to Ten Times


10-times-faster-wifi-Short Bytes: Tired of your slow WiFi speed and all those tips to increase the WiFi signal strength? Here’s a news that will cheer you up. Researchers at Oregon State University have unveiled a newly invented technology that can enhance the WiFi speed and bandwidth by 10 times. This revolutionary tech uses LED lights to transmit the information.

This 10 times faster WiFi technology could be integrated with the pre-existing WiFi systems and it will lead to the reduction in bandwidth issues in crowded places and homes with multiple users. This has been made possible due to the recent advancements in the LED technology that makes LED light modulation easy and thus opening the option of using light for wireless transmission.

Thinh Nguyen, an OSU associate professor, who worked with Alan Wang said: “In addition to improving the experience for users, the two big advantages of this system are that it uses inexpensive components, and it integrates with existing WiFi systems.”

How this 10 times faster WiFi technology works?

The first prototype WiFo – uses LEDs that emit an invisible cone of light (beyond human visible spectrum) of one-meter square area, where data can be received. To overcome this small usage area, researchers have created a hybrid system that switches between the existing WiFi system and multiple LED transmitters on the ceiling.10-times-faster-wifiNguyen said: “I believe the WiFO system could be easily transformed into a marketable product, and we are currently looking for a company that is interested in further developing and licensing the technology.”

What are the speed improvements?

This new system can transmit 100 megabits/second. The current WiFi systems have same bandwidth, but it gets divided in multiple devices. Here, the new hybrid system provides 50-100 megabits to all users.

What are the advantages?

This 10 times faster WiFi technology can cure the bandwidth problems in crowded places where bandwidth gets divided. In homes, if there are multiple devices and they are connected to same WiFi connection, this new technology would eradicate the speed problems.

The receivers of the data are tiny photodiode and they cost less than a dollar. They could be easily integrated with the current systems (WiFi routers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more) using a USB port. (With inputs from

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