Enable 16X Zoom On Google Pixel 4 By Installing This Camera Mod

Google Pixel 4 Camera Mod 16X zoom

In the age where smartphones nowadays have a countless number of lenses, Google Pixel 4 is one with just two. Recently, Google added the second real camera to the Pixel series in the form of a telephoto lens. It allows Pixel owners to zoom in on subjects in order to take a close shot.

But at the same time, Google has put a limit on how much you can actually zoom, 8X in this case. Probably, the move is to maintain a minimum picture quality level even at max zooming. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to limit yourself with that. It’s Android and there is always a workaround for everything.

Senior XDA member cstark27 has updated his Google Camera mod called “Camera PX” that now bumps Pixel 4’s max zoom levels to 16X using the Telephoto lens. You can find all the download details in his forum post including the Google Camera mod APK and Magisk module that he has created to get things done.

While it does degrade the quality, the output images are still satisfactory according to XDA’s Mishal Rehman who clicked some snaps on his device. He notes that rooting is required to enable higher zoom levels but not for installing the app on the device. Also, on paper, you can zoom all the way up to 50X. But that’s not advisable at all because of obvious reasons.

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