Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark Released With New Features — Download Torrents And ISO Files Here

ubuntu 17.10 download
Thanks to the hard-working developers at Canonical, the latest stable release of Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distros around, is now available for download. Even though the official release notes and mailing list announcements are nowhere to be seen, Ubuntu 17.10 download images are here.

As you might be already knowing, this Ubuntu release is the first ISO image to ship without Unity desktop environment after many years. Now, Ubuntu’s default and flagship edition is based on GNOME desktop environment with few tweaks made by Canonical’s desktop team.

Before going ahead and attempting to download the latest release, please note that 17.10 is only available for 64-bit desktops. Flavors other than flagship GNOME edition are available in 32-bit editions as well.

A major change in this release comes in the form of Wayland, which is now the default display server. One shouldn’t expect any hiccups due to this change. However, in case you face any issue, there is a default Ubuntu on Xorg session included in this release.

You can know about more changes that make Ubuntu 17.10 special in this article.

Download Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu is distributed in the form of an ISO image that lets you try it without changing anything on your computer.

For trying it out or performing a fresh installation, you can go ahead and visit this link to download the 64-bit desktop ISO images and torrents.

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