What If Mark Zuckerberg Steals All Your Data And Runs Away?

facebook hyperdrive 3
facebook hyperdrive 3

facebook-hyperdrive-3Short Bytes: Welcome to a future world where Mark Zuckerberg has stolen your Facebook data and fled from the Facebook office. Take a look at this amazing website that is created to paint this scary future with the help of a Facebook parody.

Today we’ll take you to a future world where Mark Zuckerberg has stolen all your data, left Facebook’s office and fled to some mysterious place. In the year 2016, Facebook is in the hands of Buck “The Onion King” Calhoun.

This is a future world, not in some galaxy far far away, presented in The Data Drive. It’s a web project made by Tumblr artist Daniel Kolitz who created this weirdly awesome rendition of Facebook.

Here, Facebook is drained of information but you can give back by donating to Data Drive. The Data Drive aims to keep us all plugged into each others’ lives by raising 100 petabytes data i.e. just 100,000,000 gigabytes. It’s flooded with ads, pop-ups and irritating spams that hit hard at the present internet culture.


Talking about Facebook “stealing users’ data”, Kolitz says, “I like to think of him as a kind of bizarro Edward Snowden, acting on an equally grand scale but with no philosophical justification for his acts.”


Kolitz spent a lot of time creating this Facebook parody and worked it just like another art and craft project with the help of paper, gluestick, scissors etc. He scanned each image and handed it over to Sam Lavigne of Useless Press for printing.


“It’s fun, for me, seeing this imposing, world-conquering website kind of … humanized,” Kolitz said. “It’s like seeing Facebook at the supermarket in sweatpants, maybe.”

Are you scared that Mark Zuckerberg will steal all your data and run away, leaving Facebook and your privacy in the abyss? Visit thedatadrive.com to see the future from Kolitz’s eyes.

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