Elon Musk Launches New Startup Neuralink To Connect Human Brains With Computers


Short Bytes: Billionaire technology entrepreneur Elon Musk has launched another company. Named Neuralink, this new venture is focused on enhancing the human brain capabilities using artificial intelligence. The company aims to develop brain-computer interface and devices that can be implanted in the human brain.

Tesla founder Elon Musk isn’t new to the artificial intelligence arena. He played a big part in the start of OpenAI for establishing a common consensus on developing AI with an open philosophy. Now, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Musk is backing a new AI-focused venture.

Called Neuralink, the new company is still in its nascent stage and has zero public presence. Wondering what would be the primary aim of Neuralink? According to the reports, it would be focused on creating devices that can be implanted in the human brain.

Such an advanced technology will allow human brain to work with computers and keep pace with the fast progress being made in the field of artificial intelligence.

This news shouldn’t be surprising as Elon Musk has been dropping hints regarding such possible venture. At this year’s World Government Summit, he talked about a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.

The Wall Street Journal’s report also talks about the possibility of exploration of medical applications and alleviating the symptoms of dangerous diseases, including epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and severe depressive disorder.

The future path for such brain-computer interfaces is very shaky and we still have a very limited understanding of how human brain and neurons work.

So, are you excited about Elon Musk’s new company Neuralink? Don’t forget to share your views.

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