Twitter CEO’s Memo Fires Two Top Execs, Announces Hiring Freezes

Twitter CEO's Memo Fires Two Top Execs, Announces Hiring Freezes
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Twitter’s CEO Parag Agrawal announced major changes to the company’s management. The consumer product leader and revenue product leader were laid off. This decision seems abrupt especially when Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition is happening.

The decision will send shivers down the spine of many employees who are already baffled by the acquisition. Twitter’s CEO sent an email describing the current challenges of the company. Jay Sullivan, who is an ex-Facebook employee will take place of the now-fired product leader, Kayvon Beykpour.

Twitter CEO’s Email

The Verge was able to obtain the firing memo Parag shared within the company. It reveals details about the decision as well as the upcoming changes that may happen inside Twitter. The primary leadership change would be Jay Sullivan replacing Kayvon Beykpour.

Parag did laud Kayvon’s efforts in building Twitter but said that now Jay would be interim GM of Bluebird. He didn’t cite a reason why Kayvon would leave the company. Similarly, the revenue product division aka the Goldbird will also bid adieu to Bruce Falck. Parag said that currently there is no acting leader in the Goldbird division.

Twitter CEO
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All teams will report to Jay Sullivan while the company looks for a new leader. Like Kayvon, he didn’t cite any clear reason for the management change. From the looks of it, the two leaders might have made the decision due to the existing state of affairs.

No Hiring For Months

If you are aiming to work with Twitter, it isn’t the best time to apply. Parag Agrawal shared that the company won’t hire new people in the coming months. Apart from the business-critical roles as determined by Staff members, no further hiring will take place.

He said, ” We are not planning company-wide layoffs, but leaders will continue making changes to their organizations to improve efficiencies as needed. As always, performance management will continue to be a priority at this time at all levels to ensure we have the strongest teams possible.

The Twitter CEO further added that the company didn’t meet its expected milestones and the Russia-Ukraine war added fuel to the fire. Since the revenue targets weren’t met, the company needs to rethink its strategy to thrive in the market. Twitter’s buyout is causing major changes in the company and the coming months may become more brutal.

What are your thoughts on the abrupt layoff of the leaders at Twitter? Will it cause an unrecoverable downfall? Share your opinions in the comments.

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