Dualsense Edge: When Will The New Controller Launch In India? | Price & More

Dualsense Edge When Will The New Controller Launch In India Price & More
Image: Sony

At Gamescom 2022, Sony revealed its new and upcoming wireless controller for the PlayStation 5 called DualSense Edge, and the new controller will be an “ultra-customizable” one. Meanwhile, aside from the details on the new DualSense Edge controller, let’s also look around the potential release date of DualSense Edge in India and when the players will be able to purchase it.

Apart from the obvious hardware difference, the new DualSense Edge controller for PS5 has some cosmetic changes as well. For starters, the trackpad is now black in color for the base white-colored model. In addition, the buttons on the new DualSense Edge are finished in black color instead of the previous transparent buttons. Furthermore, the LED strip indicator also has a different shape from what it was on the previous generation of PlayStation DualSense controllers.

We can safely say that in terms of pure looks, the new DualSense Edge is easily recognizable as a different controller altogether. Meanwhile, in terms of cosmetic changes, the bottom of the grip also seems to be more round in shape than the previous controller. As for the changes that go beyond mere looks, let’s have a look.

All-new DualSense Edge controller

1. Ultra customizable controls

According to Sony’s official blog, with the new DualSense Edge controller, players will be able to remap the buttons and even disable some of them to better suit their playstyles. Moreover, the new DualSense Edge will also allow players to adjust the stick sensitivity and dead zones.

2. Multiple user profiles

With the addition of customizable controls and adjustments to stick sensitivity, adding support for saving multiple user profiles makes absolute sense. With the option to save your personal sensitivity profile, you won’t have to adjust the DualSense Edge controller every time you pick it up.

ps5 dualsense edge front view
Image: Sony

3. On-controller user interface

The new user interface on the controller will allow players to navigate and choose between the different user profiles mid-game without causing a distraction to their gaming session. For instance, if you feel the need to change to a profile with higher sensitivity, you can do so from the on-controller user interface on the new DualSense Edge controller.

4. Changeable stick caps and back buttons

Similar to the Microsoft Xbox Elite controller, the new DualSense Edge controller will come with changeable stick caps for more grip options along with different back buttons. The front ones will come with three different attachments, Standard, high dome, and low dome; this feature will especially come in handy if you play multiple games from different genres that require different levels of movement and control over the sticks.

5. Replacement stick modules

In addition to the changeable stick caps and back buttons, the DualSense Edge controller will also have the option to replace old stick modules. Players will be able to change the stick modules themselves. However, this accessory will not be sold with the controller, and players will have to purchase it separately; that’s really a bummer.

ps5 dualsense edge side view
Image: Sony

7. Braided USB-C charging cable and charging case

Along with the basic features of the older DualSense controller, like haptic feedback, motion controls, adaptive triggers, a built-in speaker, and a microphone, the new controller will ship with a braided USB-C cable and a charging case. For Xbox users, this is not a new thing, as the Xbox Elite controller also ships with a charging cum controller carrying case.

PS5 DualSense Edge India release date

Now that we know about what the DualSense Edge controller will bring to the table, the million-dollar question arrives. When will Sony launch the new controller? Moreover, How much the DualSense Edge controller will cost when launched?

Well, not that Sony has released any information on the above two questions, which we’re sure must be going on in every PS 5 owner’s mind right now. We can surely make some assumptions based on the previous release date and the competition.

ps5 dualsense edge back view
Image: Sony

PS5 DualSense Edge controller launch date

While no official information about the release window has been shared by Sony as of now, we can safely assume the time period to be the holiday season of 2022. Meanwhile, it would be great for PS5 owners if Sony launched the DualSense Edge controller before the 2022 holiday season. And considering the PS5’s launch window, there’s a high possibility for that to happen. However, let’s wait till further information from Sony.

Furthermore, as far as the PS5’s release date is concerned for the Indian market. The console made its way almost 4-5 months after its international release. This gives us a picture of the time frame expected for the DualSense Edge to be launched for Indian PS5 owners. However, nothing is sure until Sony officially gives us some concrete information about the controller’s release window.

PS5 DualSense Edge price: How much will the new controller cost?

Coming to another big question in every PS5 owner’s mind. How much will the DualSense Edge controller cost? Well, it’s difficult to say how much Sony will price the new controller. However, considering the Xbox Elite controller, which will share similarities with the DualSense Edge, costs $180, it’s safe to say that Sony will probably set the price around $180.

Meanwhile, for the Indian market, the Xbox Elite controller costs ₹15,990, so it’s safe to assume that the new PS5 controller will cost somewhere the same.

Lastly, whatever the case may be, we’ll make sure to let our readers know about the release window and the official prices of the DualSense Edge controller for the Indian market if we come across any concrete information.

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