Apple’s New Privacy Portal Lets You Download All Your Personal Data

Apple Privacy Portal
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If you want to know what kind of data Apple has been storing about you, then you can visit the Apple’s newly launched privacy portal.

On Wednesday, the Cupertino-based tech giant launched a new Data and Privacy website which will allow users to access and download all the data related to them that Apple has acquired from their Apple ID, activity on Apple App Store, AppleCare History, and images, videos, and documents stored on iCloud.

Once the user has requested their data from the portal, Apple will verify your credentials to verify that the request has been made by the account holder. Post-verification, Apple will retrieve all the data related to you. Retrieved data will be posted to your Apple ID account page, and you will be notified of the same.

Users will need to download the data within the 14 days after which it will be removed, and a new request will generate the data again.

However, this facility is limited to the users residing in European Union, but Apple has plans to extend this feature to worldwide users in the coming months.

This sudden move is the result of European Union’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will alter the way companies handle users’ data. GDPR will come into effect on May 25.

The official blog post describes in detail how users can download data from the Apple Privacy portal, type of data available and answers to questions that could arise in the mind of users.

Additionally, users from all over the world have also been provided with the option of permanently deleting their data. It can take up to 7 days to permanently delete the data, and it will be a permanent deletion with no means to retrieve the deleted data.

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