Clubhouse Chat Feature Leaked!! Here’s What It Means For Everyone

Clubhouse Chat Feature Backchannel

There is a good piece of news for the fans of the audio-focused social network Clubhouse. The company accidentally leaked an under-development Clubhouse chat feature called Backchannel while pushing a new version of the app. Of course, it was quick to pull the feature back when it realized the mistakes. But as it’s said, what comes on the internet stays on the internet.

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What is Clubhouse Backchannel?

As per various leaks on the internet, Clubhouse Backchannel is an upcoming text-based messaging feature that will allow users to interact with each other without leaving the app.

This fixes big trouble for the Clubhouse users who currently resort to other instant messaging services to chat with other users. As of now, there is practically no way to interact with others on Clubhouse except by raising your hand and becoming a speaker in the room.

The Clubhouse chat feature could be accessed by swiping from the right edge on the Hallway screen. But Backchannel was pulled well before many users could get a glimpse of it.

Given the eagerness and need for publicity these days, it could be possible that the company just gave us a glimpse of the new Clubhouse chat feature and pulled it back. Just saying.

However, a company spokesperson told The Verge that “as part of our product building process, Clubhouse regularly explores and tests potential features. These functions sometimes become part of the app, sometimes they don’t. We do not comment on potential features.”

It appears like a mistake as there is no mention of Clubhouse Backchannel in the release notes of the app. Also, the screen recording and pictures suggest that the chat feature is currently half-baked and doesn’t even have a proper UI.

With that said, it would be hard to say whether the Backchannel feature will actually make it to the general public.

Clubhouse Backchannel: What it means for us?

As mentioned above, there is no direct way for Clubhouse users to chat with each other. They can integrate their Instagram and Twitter handles into their profile and create an indirect communication channel.

However, adding a new chat feature will make communication a lot easier as people won’t have to flip between different apps.

Backchannel will help Clubhouse retain users for more time on its platform. But on the other hand, it will take a toll on other social networking apps and on Clubhouse users up to some extent.

When someone connects to a user via Twitter or Instagram, they end up following them on that platform as well. With a chat feature built-in, the chances of redirecting followers from one platform to another are also going to reduce. But that’s just my speculation and the actual picture might be different.

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