Artemis I Launch Live Updates: Bill Nelson Says “Be ready for the scrubs”

Artemis I launch
Image: NASA

Artemis I is the first mission under NASA’s ambitious Artemis program. This is a planned, uncrewed flight that will orbit the moon. Other than dispatching ten CubeSat satellites, the mission will launch the Orion spacecraft into a distant retrograde orbit.

The spacecraft is calculated to return to Earth about a week after the launch. While the mission was expected to launch in 2016, it got delayed several times due to technical difficulties. However, the moment is finally here, and you can watch it live from your home. Here’s where to watch Artemis 1 launch live.

Artemis 1 live launch updates (Sept. 3)

These are live updates on the Artemis I launch. Click the link below to see where to stream the launch.

September 3 Launch

“Be ready for the scrubs:” NASA administrator gives possible October launch date

Bill Nelson- Nasa administrator
Image: NASA

SpaceX mission is scheduled for early October, but Artemis 1 is also likely to receive an October launch date, according to NASA administrator Bill Nelson. In a post-scrub interview, Nelson told that scrubs are part of the space business, and one of his own flights was scrubbed four times before a fifth attempt launched them into a six-day mission.

For now, we know there’s a possibility for an early-October launch, but no date is fixed yet.

Launch team draining the tank

Artemis 1 second launch scrubbed
Image: NASA

Artemis I’s supply line has apparently been leaked, which is why the hydrogen was leaking in the first place. Teams are now emptying the tank, which will be a complicated task as the supply lines are also the drain lines, making it harder to empty the tank.

Launch scrubbed again due to liquid hydrogen leak

Just as the tanking procedure was underway one more time, NASA’s Artemis 1 launch has been aborted for the second time. This time too, launch control faced the issue of liquid hydrogen leaking out. However, unlike last time, the engineers decided to cut off the vehicle.

While the last one was cutting it close, with the clock stopped at T-minus 40 minutes before launch, this one got the clock on hold at 2 hours 28 minutes before launch. Charlie Blackwell Thompson decided to scrub the launch.

First launch attempt

Launch scrubbed due to engine bleed; Next possible launch date in September

Artemis 1 launch scrubbed
Image NASA

The Artemis 1 launch has been scrubbed for the day pertaining to engine bleed. Launch control reports that the rocket is in a stable configuration, but the engine bleed could not be remedied. As a result, engineers will not drain the rocket just yet but will collect as much data as possible.

After today’s scrub, Artemis 1 may be launched on September 2, 2022, at 12:48 Eastern Time, if the engineers are able to fix the issue by then. For now, Artemis’ bad luck continues.

Team still working on fixing the engine issues, countdown still on hold (17:53)

Close to an hour since the countdown clock went on hold, NASA updated that it is still working on fixing the issue. The countdown still remains halted at T-minus 40 minutes as NASA engineers scramble to fix issues with the shuttle.

Artemis was originally expected to launch in December 2016 but was delayed from time to time due to technical issues. Now, the launch yet again faces a delay of more than an hour due to problems with the RS25 engine.

Countdown clock put on hold: Tank integrity intact (16:57 IST)

Artemis 1 countdown on hold
Image: NASA

The countdown clock for the Artemis mission has been put on hold at T-minus 40 minutes. According to NASA commentary, the countdown will be on hold for ten minutes to give the hydrogen team time to troubleshoot and fix issues with the RS25 engine.

The launch control, after minutes of putting the countdown on hold, clarified that the apparent crack on the shuttle wasn’t really a crack but a layer of air that was frozen around it.

Watch Artemis 1 launch live: NASA’s scramble for water on the moon

Artemis 1, officially Artemis I, will liftoff from Launch Pad 39B of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The launch is scheduled to take place at 2:17 p.m. EDT (18:33 UTC) Saturday, Sept. 3. You can watch the live stream from the video embedded above. You can also keep an eye on the live launch updates from the video embedded below.

It is an ambitious launch, and NASA is keeping it that way. You can also stream the entire event on YouTube from your phone, tablet, or desktop. If not on YouTube, you can watch the launch on NASA’s website and mobile app.

The launch reportedly has multiple celebrity appearances lined up, including Chris Evans, Jack Black, and Keke Palmer. There is also a special performance of the American national anthem, among others.

Artemis missions are also scheduled to land the first woman and the first person of color on the moon. So it is indeed another giant leap for mankind.

According to NASA, Artemis will open a gateway for lunar exploration. In simple words, it’ll make it easier for man to explore the moon and answer many important questions. Some of those questions include the presence of water on the moon and how livable the moon is.

What more do you think NASA’s Artemis mission could answer? Let us know in the comments.

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