CISA Bill To Give Your Entire Personal Info To Government

cisa nsa
cisa nsa


Short Bytes : The recently proposed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) by the government looks like another surveillance law that outrightly gives it the power to look through your personal information without issuing any warrants.

Most of you think that the data that social media websites store about you is used for the ads that you see in your feed, but what if it was a part of a bigger plan and all of your personal information is being shared with the government. The latest CISA bill proposed by the American government intends to do exactly the same.

As per the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act or CISA bill, the service provider companies would be given an authority to keep an eye on their users. Then in order to defend this act of spying from the previous surveillance laws, the companies will have to share the information of users that seem like the potential threats or “cyber threat indicators” with the government. NSA has already disclosed its snooping tool XKEYSCORE that can get them your complete information just using your email id.

There have been regular protests by the citizens against the government intrusion, but all the acts are dismissed in the name of national security. The laws such as Electronic Communications Privacy Act 1986 allows government to snoop through your emails and now the CISA bill adds to the woes of the public.

The government’s proposed cybersecurity bill looks like just another surveillance law in disguise. How much of the cybercrime will be stopped- it can’t be deduced, but this law gives the government a complete authority to snoop through the accounts and gather your personal information.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has previously revealed how NSA compromises the privacy of US citizens and the extent of government’s intrusion. So, for all the details he has diverted, the White House wants to send Snowden to prison.

The CISA bill is currently pushed in the US Senate and will allow the government to collect all the data including those of potential hackers.

There has been an ever going debate whether the government should be allowed to intrude its citizens’ privacy and call it the measures against the cyber threats.

The Internet is a platform for freedom and self-expression and should remain so. The government needs to come with better plans to counter the attackers without creating fear in the mind of its citizens.

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