CES 2019: Crazy, Interesting Tech Stuff We Saw This Year

CES 2019

With the beginning of the new year, the wait for the mandatory tech shows makes our anticipations go higher. Finally, the Consumer Electronics Show, aka, CES 2019 kicked off and has now reached its end, and A LOT of things got introduced.

As a ritual, numerous companies took the opportunity to unveil all the tech they had for us. Among all this, some weird, crazy, yet interesting stuff also made their entry.

And I, at Fossbytes, kept an eye on such stuff (don’t you worry! We have a list of biggest things at CES 2019 too) and here is what my list includes:

Headphones For Electric Shocks?

For those who lack the concentration for physical activities, Halo Neuroscience has been a source of tools to solve the issue. Several years after launching the Halo Sports headphones, the company has now unveiled its second installment- the Halo Sports 2.

halo sports 2

The headphones help in stimulating the brain and the muscles via the transmission of electrodes. This process called neuro priming using neurostimulation will allow the brain to learn quickly and adapt to the athletic activities with ease.

The new headphones (priced at $399) come with several improvements over the predecessor; Bluetooth enablement, better sound quality, the improved Primer band, and more features for the app.

Real-Life Beauty Editor

For skins with blemishes and doctor consultation causing a massive hole in the pocket, a new device called Opte’ Beauty Wand could be your knight in the shining armor.

Acting like a real-life photo editor tool, the Beauty Wand, with the use of blue LED lights and inbuilt digital cameras differentiates between the skin and the pigmented area which usually the naked eyes can’t see.

The detection of the pigmented area involves the analysis (using 70,000 code lines) of a series of images (200 per second).

Once done, the device using the microprinter and some special serum is run across the skin, eventually removing the spots, scars, freckles, and more like magic.

So, maybe the beauty apps’ life is at risk? Or perhaps not, given the unannounced price tag might be a shock!

The Sex Toy That Got Unlaunched!

Yes! One device which won the CES 2019 Innovation Awards, which unfortunately got disqualified, is the Ose’ sex toy by Lora DiCarlo.

While the reason for the revocation by CES and CTA was immorality, stirring up controversy, I feel it was more a case of sexism as the sex toy was for the women, by the women.

sex toy

Nonetheless, I find the product quite intriguing as it comes with micro-robotic technology which will ape the human mouth, tongue or fingers, claimed to provide women with the ultimate pleasure of blended orgasm. And, it’s hands-free!

No offense CES, even though you consider it immoral, the feminist in me doesn’t, and hence, it made it to my list!

The Car That Has Legs!

Remember how in Transformers the cars doubled as robots and could walk? Not the same concept, but Hyundai has showcased a concept of cars, with the ability to walk. Known as Hyundai Elevate, the vehicle is a pretty standard car with wheels until it rises on its additional legs to form a crazy-looking vehicle.

How weird and gigantic it might appear, the concept is for cars to enter and move in rough terrains, climb up the mountains or stairs with ease, or go about the places where a regular car can’t.

hyundai elevate

However, it is still a concept, and we don’t know how and when it will turn into a full-fledged product, for us to make use of it.

It could change the automobile industry, and we are looking forward to more advances in the concept!

A Band For A Goodnight’s Sleep

Insomnia is a condition quite prevalent in humans and deprivation of sleep is a serious issue. To treat this, CES 2019 saw the introduction of the URGOnight headband which will teach your brain the various brain wave patterns to sleep with ease and comfort.

How it works? It requires three sessions every week for 20 minutes to record the EEG of your brain, provided via an app. The way the data is presented will train your mind for healthier sleeping patterns.


The method, known as Neurofeedback, will develop good sleeping habits in about three months of usage and solve the problem of no-sleep.

However, the price is on the heavier end, costing $600 and the product is still in its primitive stage.

If it works, the price won’t be a problem for people who have spent a lot already to get sound sleep and prove useful in the future.

Were the aforementioned products as crazy and exciting as I feel for you? Write in your thoughts in the comments section below!

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