How To Play With Fidget Spinner In Google Search Right Now

spinner in google
Fidget spinners have been dominating social media headlines for different kinds of reasons. While some are saying that their craze is declining, others are still spending hours getting some spinning action.

Now, the fidget spinner mania has hit the search engine giant Google. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as many other Google Easter Eggs are already inspired by day-to-day objects and viral hits.

How to play with fidget spinner in Google search?

Earlier today, some Redditors discovered that one could play with a fidget spinner right in the search result page. To do so, one simply needs to search the word “spinner” in Google and a virtual spinner will be right in front of you. Alternatively, if you can simply click here.

The virtual fidget spinner shows up in Google search both in mobile as well as desktop platforms. It works in Chrome, Firefox, (here’s a fresh tip for Firefox usersOpera, and Edge web browsers. In The Next Web‘s trial, spinner didn’t show up in Safari. However, when I tried it myself, it was right there in all its glory.

That’s not all. Google has also given a toggle in the right upper corner. Using that, you can turn the spinner into a wheel of fortune. You can also adjust the size of the wheel between 2 or 20.

Go ahead and waste some time. There you go.

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