Carl Pei Confirms Nothing Phone (1) Will Have Transparent Design

Nothing Phone (1) transparent design
Image: Carl Pei/Twitter

Carl Pei, the CEO of the London-based smartphone startup company “Nothing” announced that they would soon be launching their first smartphone. However, after months of teasing and dropping hints, it finally revealed that their first variant, the Nothing phone (1), would hit the market in the summer.

The company aims to change our connection with tech or make it fun again, instead of being the personification of imperious corporate influence, which is the direction it’s been taking in recent years.

Nothing launched its first product in the form of the Ear (1) TWS, and it was an excellent choice that exceeded all its expectations. However, building a smartphone takes a completely different route. It exposes the team to a greater challenge in creating a unique design, supplying and engineering it to perfection.

However, now we have our first sneak peek that gives us a great view of what we can expect from the smartphone.

Nothing Phone (1): Insight

Carl Pei, the CEO of the company, and Tom Howard, the head of design, provide an insight that will allow you to create a mental picture of the phone and what you might expect.

The company has taken a more aesthetic approach in creating the phone design. It will have a transparent back that will reveal its inner mechanism. Howard, in an interview, said, “‘when you look inside almost any Android phone, they’re almost all the same.”

He continued, “Taking a new approach wasn’t straightforward. From a design perspective, we wanted to bring the inside out, which meant working with the engineers to start from first principles.”

As the company executives came up with a design, they “wanted to bring the inside out,” which was the major cause of a few problems as there are more than 400 companies in the industry, making the competition intense.

Some other features that the Nothing team wanted to integrate include a wireless charging coil and a camera. In Tom Howard’s words, “‘From an industry perspective, you’re looking at components that the end-user normally never sees, so you almost have to overhaul the entire manufacturing process to highlight them.”

It is also expected to pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and operate a custom Android skin known as the “Nothing OS.”

Pei says that he wants to create an innovative and unique design that will act as the company’s symbol. The iconic design language that we witness consistent with all the products will be a trademark choice.

As per Pei, “Phone (1) and Ear (1) will be from the same family, and as we fill in the rest of our product portfolio, we will maintain the same philosophy”. He believes that there aren’t many companies apart from Apple that are so consistent in product designs, which will allow Nothing to stand out.

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