This Is How The Earth Will Look Like If We Switch To Electric Cars

electric vehicles coronavirus_ air pollution

Amid the terrible impact of coronavirus, there is one positive aspect: the clean air. The air cannot be cleaner than it is today, we can keep it the same way, luckily not because of COVID-19, but if the world shifts entirely towards electric cars.

Who would have imagined witnessing pollution-free earth?  Well, what seems impossible once has become a reality today. Though everything will come back to the way it was once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

However, at least now, we have seen how it feels to breathe clean air. Yesterday, I was on my terrace, and I could see the faraway places I have never seen before.

Even in a city like New Delhi, which consistently has been among the most polluted cities in the world, the AQI is below 50 nowadays. The sky had never been so clear; the water has never been this blue, the sun has never been so brighter as it is now.

Down below is the picture I took around a month ago, and adjacent to it is a picture I took after the lockdown in India. As you can see, far away, there is a building, and it was never so clearly visible as it is today.

electric vehicles coronavirus_ air pollution

Despite all the losses we are facing in this pandemic, this can be a silver line in the darkest clouds.

Here we have one more pic to witness the change in climate we saw due to reducing air pollution.  However, there is a slight difference in the timing of both the clicks shown down below. The upper one is taken at 3:40 pm in January, while the lower one is taken today at 3:00 pm. Nevertheless, it is still enough to see the difference in the environment.


The Effect on Air Pollution From East to West

We cannot cover all the regions, above we talk about a city in the eastern part of the world. As per the publication, there are similar improvements in the American area, and surely all over the world.

As there has been lockdown, factories are not working, almost no internal combustion car is on the road, there are no airplanes in the sky. Therefore the condition is pretty much the same everywhere. However, it seems China is already on its way back to recovery and starting its factories.

electric vehicles coronavirus_ air pollution

We have a satellite image of the American region showing the reduced level of Nitrogen. An atmospheric researcher at the University of Colorado, United States, recorded a satellite image of the area.

The researcher explained that nitrogen dioxide could easily be measured through satellites. And when the fossil fuel is burned, it produces nitrogen byproducts, combined known as NOx. Hence, it is easier to trace Nitrogen dioxide by satellite.

This satellite clearly shows a significant improvement in air pollution and climate.

Switching To Electric Cars Will Have The Same Effect As Due To COVID-19 on Climate:

From an atmospheric point of view, inevitably, there will be considerable improvements in climate if the world transits completely towards electric vehicles. However, it is challenging, and it’s not going to happen any time soon.

The world needs more Tesla-like electric cars and similar manufacturing capabilities to scale production and bring down the costs severely.

Additionally, in the bigger picture, factories and mass carrying transportation like airplanes, ships must include alternate ways in practice to reduce emissions.

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