Canonical Open Sources Ubuntu One File Syncing Service


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Short Bytes: After shutting down Ubuntu One File Service on April 2nd 2014, Canonical Inc., the company behind the Ubuntu OS, announced that they have open sourced the biggest piece of Ubuntu One file syncing service.

On Aug 10th 2015, Martin Albisetti, Director of Online Services at canonical, posted a blog on Ubuntu Insight that they have released the source code of Ubuntu One File Service under open source license AGPLv3. The code contains backend server implementation through which all desktop clients connects to when syncing local or remote changes.

Martin added –

This is code where most of the innovation and hard work went throughout the years, where we faced most of the scaling challenges and the basis on which other components were built upon.

Setting up your one file syncing server is pretty easy now with this code and they have put a detailed setup guideline here:

To give most freedoms for its users the code is released under GPL by Canonical and anyone can modify it without any need to sign a contributor agreement to modify the code. Developers can fork the code and start working on their own project. You can download the source code from

Do you think Canonical has made the right decision to open source Ubuntu One file syncing service code? Let us know in comments.

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