Cambridge Analytica Data From Facebook Still Not Deleted


In spite of the claims made by Cambridge Analytica, the data harvested from Facebook users has not been deleted yet. In fact, a substantial portion of the stolen personal information is still being circulated within unknown sources.

This startling revelation surfaced in a recent investigation conducted by London’s Channel 4, where they were able to see the dataset containing psychological profiles of about 136,000 Colorado residents.

The dataset in question is said to be “derived” from the original Facebook data that was illicitly obtained by Cambridge Analytica and used for profiling the people of Colorado, USA.

Even though it is unclear who exactly possesses this data but the Facebook derived info was obtained from “the cache of campaign data from a Cambridge Analytica source.”

Apparently, the analytics company had used this information to “target specific messages” at local people who could be swayed by them.

A similar dataset for Oregon residents also exists, hinting towards the existence of multiple copies of Facebook-harvested data and further fuelling the questions on how many people or groups still have access to it.

What’s more frightening is that this profile data has been “passed around using generic, non-corporate email systems” suggesting that this data is still on the loose.

As expected, this news isn’t being received well by the victims of this scandal. “It’s a manipulation of our society by people who don’t really care about our society,” said a nurse named Janice in an interview with Channel 4.

“They care about their business” and “they want to manipulate all of us because we’re either a voter or a consumer,” added Janice.

One thing that’s for sure is that it’s certainly not going to look good for Zuckerberg who tried to pacify the exasperated users with an apology and changes for damage control.

On being asked how she felt about his apology, she said, “He didn’t do it until people deleted their profiles and started closing their accounts” which made her feel “more disgusted with him”.

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