Obama Orders Sanctions Against Foreign Hackers, Calls it National Emergency

obama white house hackers sanctions
obama white house hackers sanctions

The United States President Barack Obama announced a new sanctions program yesterday to counterattack the foreign hackers. President Obama’s sanctions program will target the hackers who are a threat to the national security, American foreign policy, and economic stability. Till now, these foreign hackers have been outside the reach of the States government.

This executive order supports the administration’s broader strategy by adding a new authority to combat the most serious malicious cyber-threats that we face, the president said in a White House statement.

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In an Executive order, Obama termed these activities as a “National Emergency” and gave permissions to the U.S. Treasury Department to cease the assets of the people and organizations involved in criminal hacking activities. This sanction is being seen as an important step in the wake of the recent hacking incidents.

This order aims at dealing with the hackers who are out o the reach of the law enforcement authorities by giving them enough powers. Till now the hacking incidents executed by hackers in the countries like Russia, North Korea, Ukraine, China etc were out of the jurisdiction and those countries won’t extradite the suspects.

Obama added further:

I intend to employ the authorities of my office and this Administration, including diplomatic engagement, trade policy tools, and law enforcement mechanisms, to counter the threat posed by malicious cyber actors.  This Executive Order supports the Administration’s broader strategy by adding a new authority to combat the most serious malicious cyber threats that we face. 

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