Call Of Duty Mobile: 7 Awesome Mythic Weapons You Should Own

mythic guns cod mobile
Image: COD Mobile

You know what’s better than beating your opponents in Call Of Duty? — beating them in style. And, that’s exactly what mythic weapons allow you to do. These weapons don’t just pack firepower but also a distinguished look and kill animation to leave a lasting impression on your online foes.

Owing to its special attributes, a mythic gun isn’t as easily available as its standard counterparts. These unique weapons can be exclusively obtained from Mythic Drop Crates worth 20 COD Points. Moreover, their price keeps increasing on each successive turn and goes up to a maximum of 3,500 COD Points. Furthermore, a mythic weapon can be improved up to a certain mythic level, which basically unlocks its most advanced form.

Since Fennec Ascended — the first weapon of its kind — came out, a number of mythic weapons have arrived in the game. Each of these guns has its own specialty, but some of them truly elevate the CODM experience.

Stand-out mythic weapons in COD Mobile

Here are some of the most impressive mythic guns you can claim in the multiplayer shooter. While each mythic gun provides you with the defining mythic traits, they differ significantly in appearance and overall appeal.

1. Kilo 141 — Demonsong

kilo 141 demonsong

By far, Kilo 141’s Demonsong version looks like the devil incarnate, credit to its intimidating look and the base weapon’s significant versatility. Paired with a faint and standard iron sight is a pointy, demonic-looking skin that doesn’t fail to captivate. Moreover, this mythic gun has arguably the coolest kill animation of all. When you put down an enemy, a cluster of rocky spikes sprout out from the ground and finish the job.

2. Holger 26 — Dark Frontier

holger 2 dark frontier

The Dark Frontier is one of the most aptly named mythic weapons. The spirit-like blue energy emanating from the weapon is enough to send chills down your opponents. Thanks to a pretty precise iron sight attachment, coming into the gun’s crosshairs is the last thing your foes would want. On top of that, its kill animation, which turns the target into black dust as bats emerge to take the dead away, seems to be something based in horror flicks.

3. CBR4 Amoeba

cbr4 amoeba gun

A mythic blueprint that totally renews the look and feel of its base gun is the CBR4 Amoeba. It transforms an ordinary-looking SMG into a blue aesthetic gun having a live organism stored in a capsule. This organic vibe of the gun is consequential to its kill effect. When you shoot down an enemy with the Amoeba, a carnivorous plant launches out of the ground and devours the carcass. There’s nothing better than this to terrify the competition.

4. Oden — Divine Smyte

oden divine smite

Covered in a celestial white tone, the Oden Divine Smyte — with its sunlight-esque waves — looks nothing short of heavenly. In addition, the tactically-shaped iron sight helps in zeroing in onto targets really convenient. Talking about the kill animation, the enemy gets quashed by an orange forcefield slamming into him. This brutal sight is oddly satisfying.

5. AS VAL — Double Edge

as val double edge

The AS VAL — Double Edge has a subtle design scheme that gives the powerful base weapon a visually powerful form. Its iron sight is quite impressive and could help you perforate your enemies better despite the gun’s high recoil. When it comes to the kill animation, the Double Edge mythic skin unleashes a thunderbolt, from the heavens, onto the perished. This effect is spectacular in online matches, to say the least, and looks like something right out of a Thor movie.

6. Krig 6 Ice Drake

krig 6 ice drake

Adorned with a dragon at the muzzle, the Krig 6’s mythic variant is one of the most fearsome sights to see on the battleground. It has a blue accent that gives a frost monster-like feel to the weapon. Besides, its iron sight isn’t the best part, but that is made up for significantly by the kill animation. When you finish off someone using this gun, the enemy freezes on the spot before vanishing in thin air.

7. Peacekeeper MK2 — Artifact

peacekeeper mk2 mythic

Although the base gun is pretty average in itself, Peacekeeper MK2 with Artifact blueprint still elevates the weapon’s appeal. That’s because you get a really cool blue or orange looking skin added atop the MK2. However, the spread of the mythic skin’s blue particles may interfere with the field of view during combat. Moreover, the average iron sight doesn’t bring much value, but the kill effect is notably spectacular. To be precise, when you get a kill using this gun, the enemy turns into an orange statue before exploding into tiny particles.

Winding up, it’s important to note that although flashy guns and supernatural-ish kill animation look great, you should always weigh important gun stats, such as damage, range, and fire rate, over everything else. So, while picking one of the above mythic weapons, don’t just go for the most vibrant gun but discern the best fit for you according to gun stats. For instance, since SMGs never go out of fashion, it’s good to always keep track of the best ones in CODM.

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