Beta Version Of Fedora 33 Is Now Available To Download, Install, And Test

Beta Version Of Fedora 33 Is Now Available To Download, Install, And Test

As per schedule, the Fedora team has finally launched Fedora 33 Beta, a pre-stable release available to download and test all new features and updates.

A stable version of this Red Hat-sponsored community Linux distribution is scheduled for the end of October 2020. Until then, let’s see what’s coming in the upcoming Fedora 33.

Fedora 33 Beta: What’s New?

The beta version of Fedora 33 contains a lot of important changes that will finally land in the final version as well.

For instance, the transition to Btrfs filesystem for Fedora Workstations and Spins across x86_64 and ARM architectures, a more approachable GNU Nano editor as default, and enabling earlyOOM by default to improve system responsiveness while running out of memory.

Previously Fedora 32 introduced a new edition, Comp-NeuroFedora lab to enable computational neuroscience.

Likewise, the latest Fedora 33 has also added a new edition, Fedora IoT, as an official Fedora edition for those looking for a lightweight yet powerful and scalable core OS for the Internet of Things project.

Here are the highlights of the key features of Fedora 33 Beta:

  • Switch from Ext4 to Btrfs file system by default
  • GNOME 3.38 desktop environment
  • Fedora IoT as an official edition
  • Nano as default terminal text editor
  • earlyOOM by default in Fedora 33 KDE Beta
  • Better thermal management and peak performance on Intel CPUs
  • Animated background by default
  • Removal of Python 2.6 and Python 3.4
  • Updated versions of popular packages like Ruby, Python, and Perl

If you want complete details of all features, we have already written a separate article, which you can find here.

Now, to download the ISO image, head over to the official page, where images of all editions and variants are available. For torrent downloads, there is a separate page too.

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