Kali Linux 2022.3 Released With Updates To NetHunter, Virtual Machines, And More!

kali linux 2022.3 released
Abubakar Mohammed/Fossbytes

One of the best Linux distros for ethical hacking, Kali Linux, just got better with the 2022.3 release. The update brings new Kali tools, loads of updates, a few important announcements, and Kali groups where people can as questions and stay up-to-date. Here’s everything new in Kali Linux 2022.3.

And what’s Ethical Hacking? Finding vulnerabilities via authorized attempts to hack into someone’s computer network, data, etc., is called Ethical Hacking.

What’s new in Kali Linux 2022.3?

Here’s everything new in the latest Kali release.

1. New Tools

Here are all the new tools that come with the release.

  • BruteShark – Network Analysis Tool
  • DefectDojo – Open-source application vulnerability correlation and security orchestration tool
  • phpsploit – Stealth post-exploitation framework
  • shellfire – Exploiting LFI/RFI and command injection vulnerabilities
  • SprayingToolkit – Password spraying attacks against Lync/S4B, OWA, and O365

BruteShare inspects network traffic and can extract passwords, build network maps, reconstruct TCP sessions, and more. On the other hand, DefectDojo allows managing and maintaining product and app info, sorting threats, and pushing them to platforms like JIRA and Slack.

Phpspoit can be used to “maintain access to a compromised web server for privilege escalation purposes.” Shellfire can be used to exploit Remote File Inclusion, Local File Inclusion, and command injection vulnerabilities. Lastly, SprayingToolkit contains “a set of Python scripts to make password spraying attacks against Lync/S4B and OWA quicker, efficient, and less painful.”

2. NetHunter Updates in Kali 2022.3

Here’s a list of apps that have been updated for Kali NetHunter.

  • aRDP, aSPICE, bVNC, Opaque = v5.1.0
  • Connectbot = 1.9.8-oss
  • Intercepter-NG = 2.8
  • OONI Probe = 3.7.0
  • OpenVPN = 0.7.38
  • Orbot = 16.4.1-RC-2-tor.
  • SnoopSnitch = 2.0.12-nbc
  • Termux = 118
  • Termux-API = 51
  • Termux-Styling = 29
  • Termux-Tasker = 6
  • Termux-Widget = 13
  • Termux-Float = 15
  • WiGLE WiFi Wardriving = 2.64

Android 12 support will soon be available as six new kernels are now available in the NetHunter repository.

Updates for ARM devices

  • arm.kali.org have been created, similar to nethunter.kali.org and can be used to view Kali-arm stats.
  • Default boot partition size on ARM devices will be set to 256 MB.
  • USBArmory MKII has been moved to 2022.4 u-boot release.
  • Linux kernel for all Raspberry Pi devices has been upgraded to 5.15.

Update to Kali for VMs

Kali images will now be distributed as VDI disk and .vbox metadata files, which is the native format of VirtualBox images. It should help make it easier and less troublesome for people to run Kali in VirtualBox, as all they’ll need to do is unpack the VDI disk and run it in VB.

Test/Bed Laboratory

As the name suggests, the new Test Lab environment will contain packages and apps that are very vulnerable, and your goal will be to practice and try to hack into them essentially. The goal is to jog your brain through various hacking tools so that you know exactly what tools to play with the next time you get stuck in a similar situation.

The Kali team has added two applications—DVWA and Juice Shop. Both are very vulnerable web applications.

A new Kali Discord server!

2022.3 release marks the creation of the official Kali Discord server named “Kali Linux & Friends.” As a participant, you can chat and get your doubts cleared regarding Kali’s tools and user problems. Apart from that, there will be an hour-long session after every new Kali release where the developers will join the Discord voice.

Other changes in Kali

  • New login UI for Xrdp users.
  • /kali repository shrunk from 1.7TB to 520GB after maintenance.

What are your thoughts about the new Kali Linux release? Have you used Kali before? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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